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I was told once: “If an artist believes that they have achieved perfection,

they should leave the studio, and never come back!”

 My art is inspired by nature and natural forms, as well as my surroundings. Being fascinated by light, shapes, objects, and the relationship between colors. 
That is why I love using oil paints as it allows me to unleash all of that creativity and translate the surroundings into a new almost parallel reality, where the impossible becomes possible and the imagination has no limits.

Through Art, I learned how to express myself to the world, and send a message that could inspire others and deliver positive energy. 

Learning is a fundamental part of life and I believe that I still have a lot to do in this direction.
Having an open mind is the key to achievement, and that would help everyone, including us Artists, to be able to send a message that could be even stronger if we remove all limitations of our minds.



Desi Petrova

Lives in London, United Kingdom.

In 2016 took a short course in children's Illustration at "Putney School of Art".

Participated in the summer edition of Parallax Art Fair 2019.

Semi-finalist in "King House Gallery" art competition "Seasons".

Featured in an online open studio project by "Friend of the artist".

Participated in "In the wild", the exhibition held by "King House Gallery".

In collaboration with Interior Design and Bespoke Furniture | Artisia Interiors, Scotland.

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